Skin Barrier 101

Skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin that is bound together with lipids and functions as a protector. To make it simple, your skin structure consists of various layers that have their respective roles in protecting the body. Inside the skin cells, there is also a lipid layer which contains cholesterol, fatty acids & ceramides. This lipid layer is called the skin barrier. Although it sounds trivial and looks thin, the skin barrier is a protective barrier for your skin that can help protect the body from various harmful toxins.



Skin barrier can be damaged at any time due to various things both from outside and inside the body. Some of the causes of damage to the skin barrier include too dry or too moist environment, often exposed to sunlight, exposure to certain substances such as chemicals or detergents & often do skin exfoliating. The signs that usually appear when the skin barrier is damaged are dry and itchy skin, acne starts to appear and the skin becomes more sensitive or inflamed. 


One of the most common and basic ingredients of skincare that can help strengthen and maintain the skin barrier is Ceramide. Ceramide has a function to moisturize the skin, repair the skin barrier, disguise fine lines and reduce signs of aging. You can find Ceramide in all variants of GLOWINC POTION. All variants of GLOWINC POTION contain Triple Ceramide which means there are 3 types of Ceramide. The three types are Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP & Ceramide EOP. These three Ceramides function to maintain the skin barrier as well as acting as the “glue” that binds lipids in the skin layer. 


If you want to have strong and healthy skin barrier, you can immediately checkout the perfect GLOWINC POTION that suits your skin type best. You can purchase GLOWINC POTION at your favorite e-commerce or at!

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